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Rest In Peace



A woman in her heart is longing for a home.

Carrying her child they begin to roam.

Weary from travel and no place to go,

The steps of a simple building offer shelter from the cold.

Upon her approach, in an attempt to take a break,

The door is opened with exuberant praise.

“Come in, come in,” an invitation so abrupt,

As her child is whisked away because it seems a must.

With that weight now lifted, she can confidently sigh . . .

“My child is okay and so am I.”

Initially timid she ceases to walk,

But a gentle whisper and a tender touch,

Guide her to a chair where her worries may halt.

She listens very close to the words that are spoken

And senses in her spirit that something is broken.

A radiant surge of power from head to toe

There, in that one spot, she froze.

Her soul, now at peace, rested from every woe.


— Wendolynn L. Allen

© 2003