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Still Not Stagnant



No Accuser

I am still not stagnant

I am not satisfied with my current status

I am not content with my present woes

I choose to pause here for a little rest

That I may rise soon and be the best

On the wings of glory I soar to the top

Where God has called me to reach the mark

I refuse to hear you say

that I am not advancing in my call

I know that what proceeds from your mouth

are only lies to make me fall

I halt here only to be still and learn His will

As well as the meaning of my seal


No!  Accuser,

I am still, not stagnant.

I may have been once,

But never again;

I have only decided to rest in Him.


Psalm 46:10  --  “Be still, and know that I am God”



-- Wendolynn L. Allen

© 1998