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Overpowering Emotions



I am not a psychologist, nor am I a physiological expert, so I cannot explain why we feel the way we do sometimes and donít feel the way we donít other times.† What I do know, from personal experience, is that, in order to be successful at achieving any goal, we cannot be ruled by our emotions and as females, we are very susceptible to this tendency.† We were specifically created to be more in tune with our feelings than men (it is part of our wonder and amazement) and the emotions associated with these feelings instigate our actions.† Despite the unpredictability of our emotions at times, we can still be a consistent and sound voice of reason in our daily business lives as well as in our homes with our families.


Controlling our emotions does not mean we canít cry, take a time out, or escape reality and pamper ourselves at the spa.† What it does mean is that lifeís inconsistencies are no match for our logical understanding of our surroundings and ability to see all sides of a situation before forming a conclusion.† We can recognize how we feel, validate our right to feel that way, and even justify the way we desire to react, but we must realize that real control comes when we determine to respond rather than react to the situation.


This response brings about coping with our emotions.† Once we understand their presence, we must deal with our emotions in a very nurturing manner.† Denying their existence will only make matters worse.† Now is the time to pamper yourself.† Take a time out to cry, or spend a day at the spa.† Whatever you do, do it for yourself.† Not to be selfish, but to get back what you have given out (Be very cautious about eating and shopping since these activities can easily be pity activities and only lead to more self-discontent if overindulged in). Clear your mind and regain confidence in your ability to rise above difficult circumstances.† Reassess the desired final outcome.† Step by step, consider options and find something positive in every undesired outcome.† My personal motto is ĎNobody died!í† I use this to remind myself that even though everything did not turn out the way I had originally planned it, I still have another opportunity to try again.† We are our own best critic, but when we allow ourselves to learn from a mishapped plan, rather than chastising ourselves, we are effectively managing our emotions.† We are overpowering our emotions and empowering ourselves.



Wendolynn L. Allen is a Professional Fitness Trainer, Licensed Sports Nutritionist, and an INBF Amateur Bodybuilder.† Wendolynn currently trains herself and clients at Hyde Park Gym (Austin).† Please send e-mail to fit4eternity@netzero.net for more information.† Appointments can be set by calling (512) 791-8508.