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The Cost of Change




By Wendolynn L. Allen

Professional Fitness Trainer

INBF Amateur Bodybuilder



             These days, everything has a price (or should I say IT’S price) and it seems that price is ever increasing.  I am only twenty-seven years old, but even I can tell stories of remembering when phone calls were only 25 cents and a coke from the vending machine was only 50 cents.  It is clearly evident that when things change, the price increases.  There is no sense in us fighting it, we must just accept the ever-increasing price of change and “go with the flow”.

             With the largest form of change today being in the world of technology, our quickly adapting “go with the flow” mentality has limited our ability to exert large amounts of energy completing daily tasks.  Now, with just the push of a button, many of our routine daily activities can be completed.  But, what does all of this cost?  Forget the hundreds, or even thousands of dollars an individual spends on the latest gadget designed to make even the simplest task easier and consider the amount of time spent sitting still.  This is the most expensive price we pay for our hi-tech industry advancement.

             Our bodies were created for movement.  Hence, the many joints and appendages we have with many free flowing parts.  With our excitement and enthusiasm for this new found technology, we have chosen (maybe unconsciously) to deny our body its nature to move and explore various activities.  In exchange, we have bottled our bodily energy (potential) and refuse to let it free.  When these free flowing parts are held captive, they eventually rebel and ensue an all out riot.  Have you noticed an extra ripple in your thighs, an increase in dress size, or are you considering a tummy tuck.  These are only a few of the many prices we pay for this awesome change in technology.  Yes, it is great that technology has come such a long way and promises to go even farther, but we must determine to change with it and not just settle.  If industry has advanced to give us more time to do the things we love, then why have we allowed industry to occupy every aspect of our life?  It is with much enthusiasm that I have chosen to write this article (and hopefully begin a monthly column) to encourage all of us to use change to our greatest advantage and not as an excuse.  Let’s use the time saving factors of advanced technology to free up an extra hour in our day to allow the various parts of our body to move about freely.  Don’t just sit in front of the computer reading e-mail all day, get out and go for a walk, or head for the gym.  And if you really don’t know exactly what to do to become more active, give me a call.  I would love to help you adapt to the increasing price of living in today’s society.


Wendolynn L. Allen is a Professional Fitness Trainer, Licensed Sports Nutritionist, and an INBF Amateur Bodybuilder.  Residing and training clients in the Austin area, Wendolynn desires to educate individuals in all areas of health & fitness.  Wendolynn currently trains at Hyde Park Gym and is also available to train at clients’ homes.  To contact Wendolynn, please visit www.thepersonaltrainer.net/greatworksfitness or e-mail her at fit4eternity@netzero.net.  Wendolynn is on site every Friday at Vita-Foods Nutrition Store located at 7739 Northcross Drive, Suite “O” (behind Northcross Mall, (512) 458-2383).  Appointments can be set by calling (512) 791-8508.