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The Next Step


A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by an individual who told me that she really enjoyed the articles I have shared over the past year and she was ready to take the next step . . .


For those of you who have only recently begun reading my monthly articles, “The Next Step” was originally prompted last October when I encouraged readers to consider “The Cost of Change” and I also shared a bit of my personal testimony as I expressed “What it is Worth” to me.  Then, I offered everyone “A Fresh Start” and tools for “Overcoming Emotions”.  As I continued to learn from my experiences, I realized, and I also passed on to you, the fact that “Bodybuilding is not what you think, It is what you believe” and, in the end, “To the Victor Go the Spoils”.  More recently I laid out our “Freedom of Course” and on that notion, this individual approached me and decided she was ready to change her course.


I met Margie while I was picking up some magazines to deliver to our distributor sites.  Margie is a single, full-time working mother raising an eleven-year-old son.  She is also the receptionist for Women Magazine here in Austin..  During our brief introduction, Margie voluntarily opened herself up to be a real-life case study; she is ready to make a lifestyle change and her son is willing to join her on the journey.  Margie, her son, and I will be working together for the next several months and I will document their results and progress in my upcoming articles.  Our goal is to allow our readers to see the challenging yet rewarding journey of an individual as they seek to be the best they can be.





NAME:                    Margie

AGE:                        45

HEIGHT:                5’9½”

WEIGHT:               avoids the scale (not obese, just heavier than she would like to be)

MOTIVATION:    The death of her parents last year due to heart complications has sparked further interest in living a

healthier lifestyle.  Even though there has been no confirmed disease in her body, Margie has been compelled to make a “new start”.

GOALS:                 Margie has decided that her most measurable goal will be a decrease in dress size.  She has

committed to establishing a daily exercise routine and adjusting her nutrition program to include more positive choices so that she may also enjoy improvements in her energy level.


NAME:                    Joey

AGE:                        11

HEIGHT:                5’0”

WEIGHT:               obese

MOTIVATION:    This youngster, full of outrageous zeal for life and all of its new and exciting experiences, is

certainly not your average overweight adolescent. Joey and his mom shared with me that he has such a gift in baseball (knowledgeable about many positions including Pitcher, 1st base, and 3rd base) that his coach is expecting him to be a main contributor in the upcoming spring season.  Joey’s motivation is to some day have a shot at the big leagues.  I also learned that there is no known genetic predisposition for obesity in Joey’s family.  His sudden weight gain over the past 3 years may be the result of medical complications due to environmental pollution which placed a strain on his immune system requiring medication that has left lingering (or should I say “weighty”) side effects. 

GOALS:                 Take off the inches and learn more positive nutritional habits to help fuel his active lifestyle.





Margie and Joey will have one exercise session with me every week for the first eight weeks of this program.  During this time, we will focus on learning proper technique, poise and posture.  We will most favorably lift many repetitions at a lighter weight to start up the fat burning metabolism.  There will be a time that we switch to fewer repetitions at a heavier weight in an effort to increase strength.  (PLEASE NOTE: Since Joey is only eleven years old and strenuous weight training is not highly recommended, our focus with him will be compound functionality movements).  In addition to this single weekly session, Margie and Joey will strive for an additional two sessions on their own.  Daily cardiovascular/ aerobic activity will also play a large part.



A daily food journal is an absolute necessity.  Margie and Joey have been asked to keep track of everything they eat on a daily basis so that it can be reviewed for adjustments and progress measurement.  Other initial nutrition recommendations include:

                 ·  Consuming at least 6-8 eight ounce glasses of water daily

                 ·  Not skipping meals

                 ·  Eating 2-3 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables daily

                 ·  Eliminating fried foods in favor of grilled, broiled, and baked options





Margie and Joey, I would like to offer a personal not of congratulations and encouragement.  You have determined to embark on an endless mission – it is not endless because it is impossible, but it is endless because the possibilities of human potential are endless when one is moved by the right motive.  My hope is that you both discover your true self on this journey and fully display those characteristics that our Creator so thoughtfully imbedded in you.




PLEASE REMEMBER :  I am still training to participate in the American Stroke Association Marathon.  Thank you to everyone who has already given in support of my efforts.  For those of you who have not gotten around to it, let me encourage you to give what you can to such a worthy cause.  As stated in my last article, my motivation is simply  “ . . . because I know I can” (Philippians 4:13).  If you have any questions or if you are ready to contribute, you can do so by mailing a check (payable to American Stroke Association) to Wendolynn Allen, P.O. Box 82776, Austin, TX 78708, or by using a credit card online at http://ttes.kintera.org/austintodisney (select “Sponsor Participant” and input my name).  The editor of Women Magazine has already offered a generous donation to this cause: Anyone who purchases advertisement in this magazine through me between now and December 1, 2002 will be able to indirectly support this cause as 75% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Stroke Association in my name – just give me a call, (512) 791-8508, or send me an email, fit4eternity@netzero.net


“The Lord God is my strength, and He has made my feet like hinds’ feet, and makes me walk on my high places” (Habakkuk 3:19).