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Active Recovery Training


Active Recovery Training is a system of training utilizing functional training exercises to help individuals return quickly and more confidently to their active lifestyle.


Whether a high level competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or avidly tackling the challenges of daily living, this program is designed to take the recommendations of physicians, chiropractors, or physical therapist and transition the client into a sound fitness routine that assists in continued healing of injured area as well as reinforcement strengthening of the core. It usually only takes 3-6 sessions to fully graduate an individual from this program.


ART Package prices:

Referral Consultation = Free

3 sessions = $225

4 + = $65 per session



Participant will benefit as follows:

* Greater strength of injured area

* Lessened chance of re-injury

* Rapid return to active lifestyle

* Core strength and postural development

* Increase bodily control while moving in all directions

** holistic fitness is an ART **